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Data Consciousness

Data Consciousness

We are all living in data silos thinking that’s our world, however, the reality is far ahead. It’s time to leverage on the power of data and build resilience” – Dr. Gopa Bhattacharjee, Co-Founder & CFO, WaysAhead Global. We founded WaysAhead Global in 2017, to give form to our dream of offering seamless analytical solutions with real-time data, unaffected by constraints of time and human error. We saw a gap in the industry data collation and the Business Intelligence derived therein. Hence, with our experience, we together embarked on a journey to use Augmented Analytics to optimally convert data into Business Intelligence, absolving the dependency on timed data.

WaysAhead Global is a credible Solutions Provider for data needs, analysis, and the resultant business decisions of corporates. Our vision is to democratize data consciousness and empower as many as 1 million businesses by 2030, with realistic solutions. We strive to make Augmented Analytics accessible across industries and revolutionize the way data works and create meaningful marketing sagas for organizations, globally.

Digital Transformation Using Microservices

Digital Transformation using Microservices


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Global companies, like Amazon, Coca Cola or Zalando are transforming their IT infrastructures into a microservice architecture. In addition to this, they are rebuilding their internal organizational structures and pushing their businesses ahead of the competition.



We take a closer look at examples of microservice architecture in eCommerce. Most big companies, as well as startups, build their systems using a monolithic architecture. They start out this way as in the initial phase of projects it is much faster to set up a monolith and get the business moving. After some time, problems arise due to maturing projects or fat growth.



Microservices are a relatively new approach but implemented in the right manner and with respect to people and processes already existing within the organization, they bring amazing results.



The experience that these leading companies gained was an important milestone and lesson for other companies that are now entering the world of microservices.

We also Facilitate B2B Payment Gateway Integrations using

We also facilitate B2B Payment Gateway Integrations using




PIs are fundamental to extending business logic into new arenas and quickly capitalizing on opportunities.

WaysAhead Global - API Integration Strategies

WaysAhead Global - API Integration Strategies

APIs are fundamental to extending business logic into new arenas and quickly capitalizing on opportunities. But it's more than just creating working APIs. It's about creating a strategy to address stakeholder concerns, and creating a robust infrastructure to support the new digital platform.

APIs are business-critical today — especially for digital transformation. Our APIs enable digital transformation strategy by :

  • Sharing business capabilities in a partner ecosystem.
  • Unlocking new business channels.
  • Creating customer value.
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Pre-Request Script

The Following Pre-Request Script needs to be used to wire-up authenticating the API Credentials. The API Credentials are at a client level and will remain the same for all campaigns.