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It is important to perform data or gaming analytics. Companies who adopt gaming analytics are able to improve their gaming design (according to user preferences) and attract more gamers to play their games. Effective game data tracking and analytics can be used to analyze user behavior based on whether they are likely to play the game repeatedly or even pay for the services.

  • Gaming Design & Development
  • The Profitability Factor
  • Personalized marketing in gaming
  1. Revenue - It is the income received from normal business operations and other business activities
  2. Daily Active Users – It indicates the number of active players for your game.
  3. Retention Rate - It indicates how well you have retained a player from Day 1 through to Day 7 and finally on Day 30 of the event.
  4. Conversion Rate - It shows if your game is making good money and how many players are ready to pay for your game.
  5. Average Session Time – Is the time duration that every unique gamer spends playing a game session

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