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We founded WaysAhead in 2017, to give form to our dream of offering seamless analytical solutions with real-time data, unaffected by constraints of time and human error. We saw a gap in the industry data collation and the Business Intelligence derived therein. Hence, with our experience, we together embarked on a journey to use Augmented Analytics to optimally convert data into Business Intelligence, absolving the dependency on timed data.

WaysAhead is a credible Solutions Provider for data needs, analysis and the resultant business decisions of corporates. Our vision is to democratize AI & BI and empower as many as 1 million businesses by 2030, with realistic solutions. We strive to make Augmented Analytics accessible across industries and revolutionize the way data works and create meaningful marketing sagas for organizations, globally.

As a part of our Global Digital Transformation Strategy, we aim at completing 101 BI business cases by 2020, predominantly from the world of Education, Healthcare, Retail and Entertainment.

Also, in December 2019, we proudly filed our first patent application, featuring unique Video Analytics technique to perform “Anonymous Customer Profiling ".

Rupam Bhattacharjee | Co-Founder
   Rupam Bhattacharjee
    CEO & Head of Project Delivery

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Dr. Gopa Bhattacharjee | Co-Founder
   Dr. Gopa Bhattacharjee
    Head of Finance & India Operations


Our Mission

We transform how the world makes decisions. By building AI-based scalable solutions, our clients compete at a higher level. And see the results in their top and bottom line.

Our Vision

We believe in a simple solution to achieve our goals: happy employees make happy customers, which, in turn makes happy clients and happy shareholders.

Our Passion

AI, deep learning and new data architectures are re-writing what’s possible in the world of marketing, sales and analytics. This constant evolution lights our passion and drives us to new innovations.


AI + Data science

With a deep bench of data scientists and engineers, our offering spans pilot projects to a fully customizable AI platform that integrates with your digital transformation initiatives.

BI + Dashboard

WaysAhead Business Intelligence (BI) services and AI-enabled living dashboards give clients mainline access to new insights and more informed decisions.

Data Integration & Governance

Get your data AI-ready. Harness evolving data sources by automating data cleaning and harmonization to feed machine learning models.

Video Analytics

Understanding of customer needs, market opportunities, brand perceptions, product innovations, pricing impact, and much more.

Robotics Process

Know customers more deeply, predict what marketing initiatives will yield the best results, and decide what will net a competitive advantage.


Understand the consumer journey and drive marketing actions through acquisition, growth and retention.

Market Research

The systematic gathering, recording, and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data about issues relating to marketing products and services.

Marketing Analytics

The study of data to evaluate the performance of a marketing activity. Enables real-time decision support as well as proactive management.

Customer Analytics

The systematic examination of a company's customer information and customer behavior to identify, attract and retain the most profitable customers.

Asset Tracking (RFID & Barcode)

Maintaining visibility on your physical assets at all times is critical to keeping your organization operating smoothly. We develop asset tracking software solutions specific to your logistics, business needs, employee processes and assets so you can reduce downtime, prevent loss, and increase profits.


AR software solutions from the ground up or revamp your current solution with custom integrations to create the ultimate immersive & cinematic experience. Our VR software engineers are highly experienced in VR software development, engineering new VR software solutions from scratch.


Waysahead’s Custom CMS Solutions are SEO-friendly and success-driven, designed to integrate with existing content management system to enhance and elevate your website, application, social media network, e-commerce store, or blog.


Waysahead develops custom-tailored CRM systems, implementing custom software features & functionalities that drive businesses forward.


Waysahead revamps existing database with software development and builds new database systems from scratch for companies to gather, organize, and draw critical data insights.

Digital Asset Management

We develop advanced and reliable Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software to help businesses store, find, view, distribute, and manage their content.

Embedded Software

Waysahead offers turn-key embedded software development services, creating, testing, debugging, and validating solutions for various platforms and architectures.

Fraud Protection

Waysahead’s highly experienced fraud detection & prevention software developers engineer custom-tailored solutions designed to detect & prevent fraudulent activities from occurring across entire business infrastructures.


From climate research facilities to urban planning development, Waysahead provides you with experienced GIS back-end developers-for-hire to help you capture geospatial information and create interactive GIS mapping solutions.

IT Service Management

Waysahead developers engineer dynamic, customized ITSM software solutions to help businesses succeed by automating cloud-based processes, optimizing problem mgmt, streamlining IT workflows & real-time IT visibility.


We’re highly experienced in developing custom event ticketing software, providing custom-tailored, interactive, and highly sophisticated ticketing solutions at low costs.

Wearable Technology

Our expert programmers implement embedded software for wearable-optimized IoT microcontrollers, including those developed by ARM, Arduino, Adafruit, and Stitchkit.

Idea to MVP

Waysahead helps startup businesses analyze the demand for their product in the market by providing expert-level MVP application development services.

System Integration

When a company adopts a new technology or business process, they face many challenges between their current applications and systems and the complicated software implementation process.

API Development

Waysahead’s developers-for-hire provide robust API development and third-party API integration services using REST, SOAP, XML, and RPC API protocols, extending the functionality of your current application.

Hyper Automation

a business-driven, disciplined approach that organizations use to rapidly identify, vet and automate as many business and IT processes as possible.

Global Innovation Partner

Global Expansion ADVISOR

Boudhik Ventures® (BV) came into existence to develop an ecosystem facilitating ideas sailing through industry for public benefits. We team up with innovators, entrepreneurs & organizations to assist them by developing strategies revolving around business growth, in domestic as well as global market, on the basis of innovative concepts.  read more

Our Partner Ecosystem

Our Client & Brand Associations


Artificial intelligence (AI) combined with Business Intelligence (BI), is transforming every aspect of our lives. While it promises to help solve global challenges like climate change and access to quality medical care, it also opens the door of digital transformation to organizations across all sizes and functions.


Bussiness Support Mentoring

We, at WaysAhead thrive to share our knowledge and expertise through Technology Symposiums and Tech-Talks as a part of our socio-corporate initiative. Our objective is to bring like-minded people in a single forum and discuss how cutting-edge technologies can best utilized.

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Leaders translate vision into reality.
we believe that there is an amazing amount to be learned by working in the REAL WORLD, along with like-minded people. with this in mind, we began to gather people together and made a TEAM. What we bring to the table is professional and effective solutions in timely manner with skilled team in areas that keep moving our amazing journey.

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