The dashboard provides an insight about the bank's different segments which influence marketing strategies.

In today's context of mature and intense competitive pressures, it is important that banks maintain a loyal customer base. Thus, the orientation of banks should be with a much wider focus in relation to consumer and marketing strategies.

1. Sales Revenue: Tracks how much revenue has the inbound marketing campaign brought to the company?
2. Cost Per Lead: Measures the costing to acquire a customer through inbound marketing versus outbound marketing?
3. Customer Lifetime Value: This measure helps to keep in contact with leads, but it can also help reduce churn, keep your customers happy, and expand your customers lifetime value.
4. Inbound Marketing ROI: To help assess your monthly and annual performance. Equally important is the ability to start planning strategies and budgets for the following year or even months.
5. Traffic – to – Lead Ratio: Knowing the facts that from the traffic is floating whether it's organic, direct, social media or referrals.
6. Lead – to – Customer Ratio: To know how many leads the sales team is able to close and to calculate both the sales qualified lead conversion rate and sales accepted lead conversion rate.
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