By leveraging the healthcare KPIs, in one dashboard, will not only achieve accurate facts that will benefit your organization, but this level of data can also lead to the discovery of additional insights that can abolish inefficiencies and can achieve better healthcare outcome for the patients.

Healthcare KPIs
1. Total Admits: Patients admission count over a time period
2. Emergency Admits: Patients admission count in emergency over a period
3. Admissions in Different Categories: Admissions count category wise
4. Patient Length of Stay: Patient stay duration
5. Mode of Payment: Mode of payment analysis paid by the patients
6. Average Hospital Stay: Evaluate the amount of time your patients are staying
7. Treatment Costs: Calculate how much a patient costs to your facility
8. Hospital Readmission Rates: Track how many patients are coming back
9. Patient Wait Time: Monitor waiting times to increase patient satisfaction
10. Patient Satisfaction: Analyze patient satisfaction in detail
11. Patient Safety: Prevent incidents happening in your facility
12. ER Wait Time: Identify rush hours in your emergency room
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